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New Construction Projects

At Suburban Renewal, we bring function and luxury together in fine home building, resulting in the construction of some of Rhode Island’s most beautiful homes.

We operate with four core values: integrity, craftsmanship, quality, and transparency. These values guide every step in our process. As our client, we advocate for you and work to ensure that your new construction project will be efficient and well managed.  Suburban Renewal cultivates a collaborative work environment with everyone involved. That collaborative effort helps to facilitate a smooth and successful experience completing your new home.

As fine homebuilders, we understand that the construction of a new project goes beyond the building process. It also requires a strong project management plan, which includes:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Budget Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Accountability
  • Project Scheduling
  • Client/Team Communication

Our team is creative, innovative and dedicated to the art of fine home building. Hiring Suburban Renewal means hiring award-winning professionals who will never lose sight of your vision.

Client Testimonial

“Jeremy and his crew were attentive to detail, respectful of timelines, provided exceptional quality and communication. They were sensitive to budgets. Highly recommended”

Recent Projects

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