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Historic Restoration Projects

At Suburban Renewal, we are master home builders, and we fully understand that a historic building is a piece of living history that deserves preservation. We are passionate about the restoration process, and we breathe new life into each historic building while preserving its inherent beauty.

Suburban Renewal will restore your house to its former glory or adapt it for a new use while maintaining its historical integrity.

Our Process Includes:

  • Project Planning
  • Historical Research
  • Matching of Existing Materials
  • Project Budget Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Accountability
  • Project Scheduling
  • Client/Team Communication

Rhode Island’s period architecture is evident in the many unique homes found throughout the state. Our team at Suburban Renewal researches the history, construction techniques used and matches existing materials to preserve the craftsmanship of the past. Our in-house mill permits our craftsmen to replicate specific period structural and decorative details.
Our team is creative, innovative and dedicated to the art of historic restoration. Hiring Suburban Renewal means hiring award-winning professionals who will never lose sight of your vision.

Client Testimonial

“I recently purchased a 115 year old house in need of major renovation. I interviewed many contractors and found Jeremy Sherer (owner of Suburban Renewal) to be the easiest to talk with and the most receptive to my ideas. His company has done many renovations on the east side of Providence and I had seen some of his work. I have an EXTREMELY critical eye about details and his results measured up with what I wanted in a contractor. Suburban Renewal moved my kitchen from one room to another. We had multiple surprises along the way, like unexpected ducts in the middle of walls and cabinets that came in at the wrong size (nothing to do with suburban renewal) and sagging floors that made the island potentially an inch or two shorter than the the other cabinetry. All of these problems were managed in a creative and artful way. The most unexpected surprise was that when the paint was sanded off the main staircase treads it turned out that the treads were actually poplar. Not a nice wood to match the rest of the house (which was oak with mahogany inlay). Although this was not part of our original agreement, Suburban renewal and their master carpenter Roger created an incredibly beautiful staircase that was much superior to the original, yet it looked like it was the original. There is nothing like a beautiful staircase to make a statement about your house. Roger from Suburban Renewal created a true piece of craftsmanship and art that I will be able to enjoy everyday.

Overall, I was able to stay very close to the estimate provided by Suburban Renewal. I am extremely pleased with the final product. I would DEFINITELY use them again. How many times have you been able to say that about a contractor??? Thank you to Jeremy and Roger and all the other people at Suburban renewal who helped return my house to its original glory.”

Recent Projects

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